How to put windows in a shed?

Windows in the shed can help in making it illuminated and also help in the circulation of fresh air. The process of installing a window in a shed is quite easy and you can do it without any problem. First of all, you should purchase the ready-to-install windows for your shed.

Here, in this article, I am going to describe the right way to install windows in a shed.

1. Collect Required Materials

You will need a 12×12 Shed Kit, Shed Windows, 3.0 Window, Door, & Siding Sealer, Dyna Grip, Touch ‘N Foam No Warp, and Tar Paper. In addition to this, you should also connect the required tools for installation of windows in sheds such as Hammer, Reciprocating Saw, Drill, Paddle Bit, Cordless Jig Saw, Speed Square, and Tape Measurer

2. Measure and Mark

You should take accurate measurements and mark the location of your windows. You should ensure that outline is leveled.  

3. Create Pilot Holes

After marking the location of your storage shed windows, you should create pilot holes by using a paddle bit. The main purpose to create these holes is to fit your reciprocating saw blade.

storage shed window

4. Cut Out Window Opening

You should use the reciprocating saw to cut the opening of your windows. The saw blade cab helps in removing the unwanted portion. You should create the opening for the 14x21 shed window because it is ideal for all types of sheds. 

5. Clean The Cut

You should use the jigsaw for cleaning the cut. It will give an accurate finish to your window opening.

6. Install Header And Footer

You should cut and install the header section and footer section of your windows. You should use hammers and nails for this purpose. In case your windows do not reach the studs, then you should add supports on the side of your shed’s windows.

You should ensure that everything is properly leveled before securing their position permanently. If your window kit does not include header and footer boards, they can construct your own. You can simply use 2x4 boards for the header and footer of windows.

7. Install Vapor Barrier

After installing the support, you should consider the installation of a vapor barrier. It should be installed around the window opening perimeter. It will protect the wood when rainwater seeps into the window's opening. 

8. Take Help

You should take the help of your family members for the installation of the window. One person will be holding the window from outside and the second person will make sure that the window is properly leveled from inside.

Once it is ensured that the window is properly, then the outside person will secure the position with the help of screws. You can also take the help of professionals for installing shed windows and more.

9. Prepare Exterior Trim

We recommend you prepare the exterior trim by using exterior grade paint. Let it dry and use the construction adhesive and brad nail to integrate this trim with the shed.

10. Apply Exterior Sealant

Once you have attached the trim, you should apply the exterior sealant. It will seal the windows and prevent the entering of moisture and rainwater from the window opening.

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