Design Tips for Using Flower Boxes & Shutters to Beautify Your Shed

Transforming your garden shed from a mere storage space into a charming focal point of your outdoor area doesn’t require a complete overhaul. With the strategic use of flower boxes and shutters, you can effortlessly elevate the aesthetic appeal of your shed, blending functionality with beauty. Here are some design tips to guide you through incorporating these elements into your shed’s design.


Embrace Contrast and Color

Shutters: Selecting the right color for your shutters can dramatically change the look of your shed. Consider choosing a color that contrasts with your shed’s primary color for a bold statement, or opt for complementary shades for a more harmonious look. Black shutters, for example, can offer a modern and elegant contrast to lighter-colored sheds.

Flower Boxes: Fill your flower boxes with a variety of flowers that bloom in different seasons for year-round color. Think about the color scheme of the blooms in relation to your shed and shutters. Vibrant flowers can add a pop of color to neutral-toned sheds, while more subdued, pastel flowers can soften the appearance of brightly colored sheds.

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Play with Proportions

Shutters: The size of your shutters should match the size of your shed windows to maintain proportionality. Oversized shutters can overwhelm small windows, while too small shutters can look misplaced. Aim for shutters that cover the window frame entirely when closed.

Flower Boxes: The length of your flower boxes should ideally match the width of the windows above or the shutters beside them. This creates a cohesive look that visually ties the elements together, enhancing the shed’s overall symmetry and balance.


Incorporate Texture and Materials

Shutters and Flower Boxes: Mixing materials can add depth and interest to your shed’s exterior. Wooden shutters and flower boxes bring warmth and a natural feel, complementing rustic and traditional garden styles. Metal or vinyl options can introduce a sleek, contemporary vibe, suitable for modern garden designs.


Layer for Depth

Strategic Placement: Installing shutters on either side of your shed windows and placing flower boxes below the windows creates a layered, textured look. This not only draws the eye but also frames your windows beautifully, making them appear larger and more prominent.


Focus on Functionality

While aesthetics are important, don’t overlook the practical aspects of your additions.

Shutters: Beyond their visual appeal, ensure your shutters can open and close easily if you intend to use them for ventilation or light control.

Flower Boxes: Ensure your flower boxes have adequate drainage and are securely mounted to support the weight of the soil and plants. This will prevent water damage to your shed’s walls and ensure the longevity of both the flower boxes and the shed itself.


Final Touches

Accessorizing around your shutters and flower boxes can further enhance your shed’s charm. Consider adding decorative hardware to shutters, solar-powered lights for evening glow, or climbing plants around the shed to integrate it seamlessly with your garden.


With these design tips, using shutters and flower boxes to beautify your shed is not only achievable but can also be a fun and creative project. By carefully considering color, proportion, materials, and functionality, you can turn your shed into an enchanting garden feature that enhances your outdoor space's aesthetic and utility. Remember, your shed is more than just a place for storage—it’s an extension of your home and an opportunity to express your personal style.

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