Q.  What is the rough opening for my window?
A.  Add 1/4 " to both the width and the height. Example. 14 X 21 rough opening is 14        1/4 X 21 1/4

Q.  How long will it take my order to ship?
A.  4 to 5 business days typically

Q.  How much will it cost to ship my product?
A.  After submitting your ship to address in the checkout, the shipping charges are              calculated

Q.  What is the difference between flush mount and j- lap mount?
A.  Please refer to our video on our home page which describes the differences

Q.  Do your windows come with screens?
A.  Yes

Q.  Do your windows open.
A.  Yes, the bottom sash slides up.  The top sash is fixed.  This is referred to a single            hung window

Q.  Do you ship to Canada.
A.  Yes

Q.  Do you make custom windows?
A.  No, but one of our large variety of windows may be suitable for your application

Q.  Can the grids be removed?
A.  We do not recommend it. But if you had to, yes with some difficulty

Q.  What if my window arrives broken?
A.  Take a photo of the window and email it to us. We will send a replacement window 


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