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At, we believe in celebrating all of those who participate in the #shedlife and contribute to our industry.  For April, we are pleased to shed a light on the great work the team at Gary Shed Company.  We spoke to Chris Gary, himself, and asked a few questions.  Here’s a bit of insight from the Gary Sheds we think you will find #shedinspo-rational.

How did you get started in shed building?

Chris Gary’s journey into the shed building industry began unexpectedly, stemming from Chris’ high school carpentry class project constructing a shed for the band's equipment. After pursuing formal education in carpentry and a brief stint in a cabinet shop, Chris found his true calling in shed building. Starting as a subcontractor for a prefabricated business, he gained invaluable experience, learning from his own mistakes and the guidance of a seasoned builder named Dale. Despite initial challenges, Chris’ dedication paid off, culminating in the establishment of his own business three years ago, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter in his career.

Throughout his career, Chris Gary has emphasized the importance of meticulous construction practices. He highlights common pitfalls observed in home-built sheds, particularly the significance of considering material lengths for studs and siding to prevent gaps that compromise structural integrity and invite issues such as water intrusion and insect infestations. Chris’ insights underscore the critical need for precision and attention to detail in shed construction to ensure longevity and functionality.

What’s a particular memorable project?

Chris shared a project involving the construction of a cabin-style shed for a musician's studio.

“We finally set a date and the day before I checked to see if we were still good to build and he informed me that we couldn't yet because a swarm of bees made a hive right next to the spot where the shed was going. He ended up having to pay somebody to move the hive. After a week of waiting, they moved the hive and I came out to build the shed. He forgot to tell me they moved the hive across the small backyard and the bees were still looking for the hive. Needless to say, I got stung about 5 times throughout the three days I took to build it. It would have taken less time, but the bees got very active when the sun hit them at about 1 o’clock.

Despite encountering unexpected challenges with a swarm of bees establishing a hive near the shed's location, Chris’ commitment to the project prevailed. The completion of the shed became a memorable experience for both Chris and the customer, highlighting the dedication and resilience required in the shed building profession.

What are some innovations in construction you’d be willing to share?

Chris shared a valuable building hack: online roof pitch calculators. While maintaining standard rafter patterns, Chris accommodates customer preferences for varied roof pitches by utilizing these calculators to provide precise cut angles and sizes within seconds. This approach streamlines roof construction, eliminating cumbersome manual calculations and ensuring smooth and accurate shed builds.

What are current design trends you are seeing?

Reflecting on current design trends, Chris notes a predominant focus on practicality in South Louisiana. Customers primarily seek traditional backyard sheds to declutter garages, considering the regional climate's influence on limited shed usage for recreational purposes due to the hot weather. Chris emphasizes the importance of tailored solutions that meet specific needs and environmental conditions.

What materials do you consider important in your business?

In terms of materials, Chris prioritizes durability and cost-effectiveness. While using standard siding and trim materials like LP, he incorporates a dense 3/4 subfloor to accommodate heavy items and implements radiant barrier roof decks to combat the harsh Louisiana climate. For budget-conscious builders, Chris advises seeking discounted siding with minor imperfections, maintaining quality while reducing costs.

What are some tips you have for maximizing storage space?

Chris recommends innovative solutions within gable buildings, such as installing lofts for additional storage and utilizing wall space for organization. He draws inspiration from his meticulously organized shed, offering practical suggestions tailored to each customer's needs.

Highlighting an innovative industry solution, Chris describes large sheds equipped with individual roll-up doors for multifamily housing units or apartments. This approach optimizes storage capacity and streamlines property management by consolidating multiple storage spaces within a single structure.

What eco-friendly practices are you seeing?

Demonstrating a commitment to eco-friendly practices, Chris emphasizes waste reduction and the use of eco-friendly materials like LP SmartSide products, known for their sustainable manufacturing process and renewable energy sources. These initiatives underscore Chris’ dedication to minimizing environmental impact while delivering high-quality shed solutions.

For those in Louisiana wanting to get in touch with Gary Shed Company, what’s the best way?

Chris Gary is very hands-on in his business and offers communication for potential customers by offering direct access. Whether through a phone call at 985-338-8954 or a message on his Facebook business page, Chris personally oversees all aspects of the business, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for customers. With his personalized attention and expertise, customers can expect hassle-free interactions, making it easy to bring their shed projects to fruition.

Our thanks to Chris for sharing his time and wisdom!