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At, we believe in celebrating everyone who participates in the #shedlife and contributes to our industry.  This May, we are pleased to shed a light on the great work the team at Sheds Unlimited has been doing for over 35 years! 


We spoke with Austin Beachy from the Sheds Unlimited team and asked a few questions. Here’s some insight from the Sheds Unlimited team that we think you will find #shedinspirational.


What are some of the common mistakes DIY shed builder can make?

  • Fastener SelectionUsing the right fasteners and installing them correctly is essential when building a shed. Standard steel fasteners can lead to several problems, primarily due to their susceptibility to corrosion and weathering. Uncoated fasteners are not protected against moisture and environmental elements, which can cause them to rust and weaken over time. This rusting process compromises the structural integrity of the shed, leading to potential damage or failure of the building components. For these reasons, it's important to use coated or treated fasteners, such as galvanized fasteners, that are resistant to corrosion to ensure longevity and durability. Using fasteners of appropriate length ensures that the components of the shed are securely joined together. This is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of the shed, especially in adverse weather conditions like strong winds or heavy snow loads.
  • Insulation and VentilationProper insulation and ventilation are crucial to the longevity of your building. Improper planning or installation can lead to moisture and condensation problems, which can damage stored items and encourage mold and mildew growth, potentially harming the shed’s structural integrity. It's critical to take proper care when insulating a shed by using insulated doors and windows and following proper installation instructions and recommendations for the type of insulation you are installing, such as spray foam, foam board, or fiberglass batt insulation.
  • WeightBuilding a shed involves handling heavy materials and completing tasks that require more than one person. The weight of shed components, such as framing, roofing materials, and siding, can be substantial. These elements often require lifting, positioning, and securing in place, which can be challenging and potentially unsafe when working by yourself. Don’t do it alone!


What are some of the trends you are seeing in shed building?

  • Multi-Purpose Sheds: More and more we are seeing our sheds and garages being transformed into versatile spaces that serve multiple functions to include sheds designed as home offices, art studios, workshops, gyms, playrooms, and even tiny houses. Multi-purpose sheds allow homeowners to utilize more of their outdoor space and create dedicated areas for various activities.
  • ColorsIn terms of color trends for sheds, there's a noticeable shift towards more modern colors. We see less traditional colors and more dark, brown, and grey colors.


What is your advice if you are trying to build a shed DIY on a budget?

Sheds Unlimited has DIY kits along with installation videos on their YouTube channel. They have several DIY kits with everything you need for workshop sheds to garage sheds. 


Our thanks to Austin, for sharing this information with us.  Keep in mind, DIY shed building can be ambitious!  If you decide you would like help building your shed, you can get an estimate from Sheds Unlimited at and they will be happy to help you out!