14" W x 28" H Arch Top Flush Mount Shed Window, 1 PK

ROUGH OPENING: 14" W X 28-13/16" H
Sale price$ 95.00 USD



The APPLE OUTDOOR SUPPLY Flush Mount Arched Shed Window with Grids, 14" wide and 28" tall, is expertly designed to seamlessly integrate into your structure. Crafted for beauty, durability and convenience, our arched top shed windows feature a lightweight aluminum frame, ensuring long-lasting performance. The window includes an arched top and a fixed top pane and sliding sash window to provide customizable airflow, while a built-in screen keeps out debris for uninterrupted fresh air enjoyment. Safety is important, which is why our windows boast tempered glass construction, minimizing splintering upon breakage.

Apple Outdoor Supply windows are ideal for sheds, playhouses, chicken coops, or any other outdoor structure. Our windows come complete with color-matched screws and a 1" metal nailing rim for hassle-free installation to have your window up and running in no time. Choose from a range of window types and sizes to complement your aesthetic preferences.

Enhance the charm of your outdoor space with color matching shutters and flower boxes, quality barn door hinges, and exciting playset accessories. Rely on APPLE OUTDOOR SUPPLY to provide the perfect finishing touches to your outdoor oasis that elevate both functionality and style.


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